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You can't even handle yourself


“ This empty love is killing me.
from the beginning on,
from the first time we saw each other,
from the day we started talking,
from the day I saw your eyes.
I fell in love with you,
it was a mistake.
But everything seems to go in a good way.
It breaks my heart everyday,
that I’m not the one who will stay.
I know its stupid,
but aren’t the stupid things the best ?
Maybe heartbroken means unbreakable.
Maybe we just can’t be,
and maybe there’s no way for us.
But my feelings are there.
I hoped they will flush away as time goes on.
But still they are there and I’m not that strong.
This love is dead
and death is full of passion.
It’s emptiness, it’s pain, it’s revelation, it is heaven.
But this one is really killing me.
I can’t tell you what i feel,
I can’t speak in front of you.
But let me tell you with this one,
that I fell in love with you.
That I love you. ”


“ Maybe heartbroken means unbreakable. ”

—    Me

“ We have so much fun today.
So we dont think on tomorrow. ”

—    John Dillinger


While She Sleeps - Death Toll

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I’m in the interesting and innovative packaging fandom. Who’s with me?

packaging can make or break my buying a product

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“ Over and over
I fall for you. ”

—    Three Days Grace


Couple kissing during Neck Deep’s set 

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My Family