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You can't even handle yourself



Ivy House, California

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Manchmal ist es doch ironisch.


Seht euch die politik an. Es gibt fast nur ausreden die vielleicht auch erstmal beruhigen aber am ende beschweren sich die leute und man steht vor dem selben problem.

Das stimmt schon !

“ Throw me to the wolfes,
and i will return leading the pack. ”

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Going in a restaurant with the family

Actuall i have a lot of things to do but eating makes happy.


Evanescence - Bring Me to Life


i don’t understand people who aren’t listening to deathcore, like what are they even doing with their life

I guess they’re doing something like….eating….or….i actually have no idea how can people even not listen to this :D

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I fucking love those tattoos

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So what you are doing ? :D

Niels Schuhen.

100 SUBSCRIBERS !!!! Thanks to everyone out there who subscribed to my channel. I know 100 is not a big thing on youtube but I’m thankful to every single one of you who watches my videos.

Thank you.

Vocal Cover by me and Gabriel Spigolon of “Day To Day Tragedy” by ANNISOKAY

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ANNISOKAY - Day To Day Tragedy (HD Vocal Cover) N…: